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Civil Engineering (Facilities and Infrastructure)


This is one of our core services and our civil engineering services division is the largest division both in terms of the manpower and the revenue generating majority of the revenue for the entire company. Our capability in this division includes handling any kind of complex projects from their inception stage to the point of final inspection before being given occupation permits. We have successfully designed and handled numerous complex projects including high density large mixed developments where the design is challenged by several factors such as balancing earthwork, tight spaces to provide utilities, existing topography, presence of unsuitable marine clays and high ground water table just to name a few. Our staffs are leaders in their respective fields and also serve as a member of various coveted professional organizations. One of our staffs serves as a member of the planning commission board in one of the local jurisdictions.

Our civil engineering division also provides construction administration services where we assist our clients in preparing budget for the cost of construction, bidding process, help identify qualified bidders and make recommendations on award of the bids. Designated, professional construction administrators are assigned to each project from the beginning. They monitor the design as it develops and provide ongoing, in-house constructability reviews. Construction Contract Administration may be the longest and most challenging service to fulfill within the scope of professional A/E practice. The responsible professional must be alert and thoroughly prepared. As a part of this service, our staffs make regular and special visits of construction site to monitor progress and evaluate quality of construction to ensure compliance with the construction documents, review of shop drawings, review of work completed, review and recommendations on contractors request for payments, final walk-thru to develop punch-list and follow-up for completion of the punch-list items.

Our Civil Engineering Services Include:

  • Site Layout and Engineering
  • Rezoning (Conceptual Development Plans and Final Development Plans)
  • Feasibility Study
  • Special Exception Plans and Special Exception Amendments
  • Preliminary Plans
  • Site Layout and Engineering
  • Sub-division Plans
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
  • Water Supply and Distribution Modeling and Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Floodplain Studies
  • Street Design
  • Pavement Design Stormwater Management Design
  • Low Impact Development Design